Chapitre de Lafayette, Lafayette, LA

Board Members

President: Mike Broussard
Vice President: Wesley Hebert
Secretary: Dora Rogers
Treasurer: Grace Seaux
Membership Chairperson: Mike Broussard
Parliamentarian: (open)
Le Cajun Representative: Sue Guidry
National Board: Sue Guidry
Scholarship/New Dawn: Chad Clark
Queen Chairperson: OPEN
Newsletter Chair: Estelle Guidry

Local Board:

Elmo Gary
Bobby Eddy
Annia Soileaux
Blaine Dupont
Christine Penn
Gale Prejean
Woody Wedlock
Helen Boudreaux
Chad Clark
Ray Landry

Meeting Info

General Membership Meetings

1st Thursday
Each Month
– 7PM
Breaux Bridge,LA

Local Board Meeting:

3rd Tuesday of
the month

Chapter Queen

Ashley Dugas
(Miss Chapitre de Lafayette)

Kelsie Rene Gary
(Miss Teen Chapitre de Lafayette)

Julianna Lace Gary
(Deb Miss Chapitre de Lafayette)

Owyn Emeri Penn
(Petite Miss Chapitre de Lafayette)


P. O. Box 92575
Lafayette, LA 70509